Layers of Paper

A Creative Writing Workshop for Women


The still of winter offers opportunities for contemplation, introspection and renewal.  In January of 2016, writer, editor and writing coach, Marshal D. Haneisen, held a a 4-session women’s writing workshop at the charming True North Holistic Center and Retreat House in Hubbardston, Massachusetts.

The workshop began in the middle of the ancient Celtic calendar’s Birch Moon, a time to celebrate and honor creativity. The bark of the paper-birch tree naturally peels away in thin strips as the tree grows, revealing fresh, new growth beneath. Each participant in this workshop used carefully designed writing exercises to explore her senses, emotions and personal values. As we moved through the course, the journal, like the birch, revealed strength and vitality below the surface sheets. 

Just as a seed lies dormant beneath the snow awaiting the vernal thaw, creativity and potential rest within us awaiting the warmth of our attention and cultivated practice. Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, this workshop is a fun and thought-provoking journey of self-discovery for all. If you would like to bring this workshop to your group, church community or organization, contact me to discuss scheduling.