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Answering important questions at BayStateParenting Magazine:

       How can parents of children with special needs safeguard their own mental health?  

              Safeguarding Mental Health


       How can parents approach the transition planning IEP meeting?

                  Transition Planning


       What are some expert tips for helping your child with autism or sensory processing challenges        enjoy the holiday season?



       How can parents save for a disabled child?

                   The ABLE ACT


       Where do adoptive families find a support network?

                  Adoptive Families Together


       How do parents of a child with autism manage the transition to adulthood?

                  Autism Adulthood by Susan Senator


       How can parents of a child with intellectual disabilities teach about puberty? 

                  Puberty Education


       What is Unified Special Olympics?

                  Special Olympics for All


       How can parents use music as a relaxation tool for children? Find out more in this article: 

                  Music for Calm Kids


       How can neuroscience inform parents and educators on how to help kids manage behavior?

                  Exploring the Brain-science of Behavior


       How can a family plan for a visit to Disney with a child with special needs?

                  Planning to Visit the Wonderful and Accommodating World of Disney

       What are some of the housing option for adults with intellectual disabilities?

                  Exploring Shared Living and Adult Family Care

        How is Massachusetts implementing The ABLE Act?

                     MEFA and the Attainable Savings Plan

The Ridgeback Magazine

"Outside the Ring" Part 1,   Part 2 

(This series explores how several dogs from the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed are providing support to people with disabilities.)

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(This advertisement-free blog was a forum I use to provide information and resources to parents of children with special needs. The blog ran for two years. Though I saved much of the content, the blog is no longer active.)